Privacy Policy

In keeping with almost all other websites we store standard log files on our web server. These log files do not collect personal data, but rather information which may assist us in assessing the use and usability of our website. This information may include the IP address of your computer. No attempt will be made to attempt to trace that IP address to you personally as a result of it being recorded in our log files.

The Wild Food Centre website does not collect any other data from visitors.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small simple text files which are stored on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc) when you visit a website. They are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user's device. Cookies are used by most modern websites, and in many cases are essential for the operation of the website. In particular, they are used to allow the website to "remember" you, either for a single visit, as you move from one web page to another within the site ("session cookies"), or for repeat visits, so that you are "recognised" when you visit the website again from the same device ("persistent cookies"). Another common use is to provide information to owners of the site about which pages have been visited, how long visitors have spent on a particular page, and so on.

The Wild Food Centre website does not itself set cookies or store any information in cookies.

We do, however, use Adobe Flash files in the form of embedded YouTube videos to present video and TV clips on the Wild Food Centre website. Third parties such as YouTube are responsible for any cookies they set, and we cannot control these cookies. It is possible for third-party creators of Flash files to set cookies as part of their files. Adobe offer a tool to monitor, block and remove Flash cookies if you find this of concern.

Future development of the Wild Food Centre website may mean that we find it necessary to start using cookies. If we do so, a prominent message will be displayed on all pages informing visitors of this fact, and this policy will be updated accordingly.